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As we know, the Coronavirus has been declared a global pandemic since March 2020. The fear of COVID-19 has changed our lives and routines completely. Our interaction with one another has been limited to remote communication as the whole world has been in lockdown. Children are studying online, the working class has been working remotely, and even as simple as buying groceries has become an adventure of sorts.

The Lockdown

This lockdown has traversed a lot of lifestyle changes in our lives leading to inactivity, personality changes, and mentality changes. Staying indoors for such a long time has induced a lot of stress over our normal routines, created anxiety about the pandemic, less physical movement, and irregular food intake and availability.

All these factors can have some serious effects on our body as the change is quite sudden for our body to acclimatize over these changes can be difficult.

What are Piles?

All these changes can become the cause of Piles very easily. Piles are a very common ailment that may affect men or women at any age. These are caused due to continuous high pressure in the veins. Other causes include constipation, excessive straining during bowel movements, and persistent diarrhea.

How to get rid of Piles Pain?

As there are so many travel restrictions, finding a solution for the Piles pain relief can be tough. Although, there are some home remedies for instant relief from Piles pain you can try.

Remember, these are just pain-relieving methods and not a permanent solution. The problem need not always be piles, but it could be fissure, fistula, or tumor. So, as soon as you get an opportunity, it is important to have a physical consultation with your doctor.

The best way to relieve Piles pain are:

  • 1. Eat Fiber-Rich food:
    Fiber-rich food helps you to pass the stool with ease which will prevent any further problems like gas and constipation. As our eating habits have changed, the risk of constipation and gas formation has been common these days. To avoid any digestive problems and to relieve Piles’ pain, include fibrous food items in your diet.
  • 2. Use Aloe vera gel:
    Aloe vera has rich anti-inflammatory properties which helps in the piles pain relief. Aloe vera helps in healing wounds, itching, swelling, and burning sensation caused by hemorrhoids. It is an effective answer to how to relieve piles pain at home and one of the best way to relieve piles pain.
  • 3. Take hot water sitz baths:
    Taking hot water baths will help you ease the pain as it can numb the burning sensation and help you relax a bit, hence making hot water bath one of the best home remedies for instant relief from piles pain. Warm water will further help you relax by easing your pain. A 15-20 min bath can sedate your burning areas and help you relax.
  • 4. Apply ice-packs to the affected areas:
    Ice Packs is an answer to people searching on how to get rid of piles pain.Applying ice packs on the affected part of the anus can also reduce inflammation and pain. When hemorrhoids flare up, applying ice packs can temporarily reduce swelling and numb pain. Take an ice pack or wrap ice in a piece of cloth and massage in the affected area for 15 minutes. You can repeat this process several times a day.
  • 5. Increase Water Intake:
    The major cause of Piles is the lack of fluids in our body. Drinking a lot of water can prove to be the best solution to avoid inflammation and Piles as it keeps the stool soft and manageable as it passes through the intestines.
  • 5. Put on loose comfortable clothing:
    Generally, the most affected area for Piles is around the anus. Wearing loose clothes can help you to keep the airflow going as clothing can block its movement. Also, loose clothing won’t bother you or lead to any fungal infection as the affected area is left open to breathe.

There are some ayurvedic medicines too that can help you ease the pain from Piles and Fissure. The PF Care Kit from Dr. Kamthe is developed specifically to counter the problem ofPain ,bleeding, itching, burning, improving digestion, and healing wounds. It is an all-around solution for your Piles problems and will help you relieve your pain quickly.

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