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Anal Polyp Treatment

Where We Are and Where We Cure: Dr. Kamthe’s Piles Clinic. For the treatment of anal polyps, we are Pune’s top clinic. Our goal is to provide patients with specialized care as long as possible.

We used contemporary facilities, medications, and treatment methods to help remove the polyp. With deep knowledge and experience, we attempt to solve your issue with minimal discomfort.

What is Anal Polyp?

Growths found inside the anus anal are called polyps. Normal anal cells proliferate, undergo maturation, and eventually pass away. Changes in the genetic composition of anal cells impede their ability to mature and die. Polyps form as a result of cells beginning to accumulate.

Causes & Symptoms Of Polyp?

The polyps generally develop because of genetic modifications.

  • The appearance of blood on the stool.
  • If the polyp is present in the proximal anal, then it discharges black stool.
  • Weakness, slight-headache.
  • Fainting, skin becomes pale.
  • A change in bowel habits.

Operational Treatments

How to Prevent Polyps?

  • Maintain a healthy diet (eat more fruits, vegetables).
  • Increase vitamin D and calcium intake (yogurt, milk, cheese, eggs).
  • Reduce consumption of fatty foods, red meat.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Exercise daily.

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Anal polyps are growths found inside the anus, resulting from changes in the genetic composition of anal cells. Normal cells that should mature and die accumulate, leading to the formation of polyps.

Anal polyps generally develop due to genetic modifications. Symptoms include blood in the stool, black stool if the polyp is in the proximal anal region, weakness, slight headache, fainting, pale skin, and changes in bowel habits.

Dr. Kamthe’s Piles Clinic offers various treatment options, including laser treatment, advanced seton therapy, Ksharsutra treatment, and surgical removal. Laser treatment is particularly known for its brief recovery periods, being a pain-free and efficient procedure.

Laser treatment at our clinic is a top-notch procedure known for its brief recovery periods. The procedure is straightforward, pain-free, and devoid of blood, ensuring efficient removal of anal polyps.

Prevention measures include maintaining a healthy diet with more fruits and vegetables, increasing intake of vitamin D and calcium through yogurt, milk, cheese, and eggs, reducing consumption of fatty foods and red meat, quitting smoking, and incorporating daily exercise.

Dr. Kamthe’s Piles Clinic in Pune is recognized as the top clinic for anal polyp treatment. We provide specialized care using contemporary facilities, medications, and treatment methods. Our experienced team aims to address your concerns with minimal discomfort.

Laser treatment for anal polyps, conducted at Dr. Kamthe’s Piles Clinic, is known for its pain-free nature. The procedure is designed to be easy, and efficient, and ensures a brief recovery period without causing discomfort.

Laser treatment is renowned for its brief recovery periods. While individual recovery times may vary, patients generally experience a faster recovery compared to traditional surgical methods.

The effectiveness of the treatment and the prevention of recurrence depends on various factors. Following postoperative instructions, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and regular follow-ups contribute to minimizing the risk of recurrence.

For appointments or additional information about anal polyp treatment at Dr. Kamthe’s Piles Clinic, feel free to contact our clinic. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you and provide the necessary information for your peace of mind.

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