PF Care Kit


PF Care Capsules & Cream

Have A Healthier & Better Relief From Piles & Fissure.


PF Care Capsule & Cream are 100% Ayurvedic medicine and is developed & formulated after 12 years of profound research and development. The combined effect of herbal ingredients present in PF Care Capsules & PF Care Cream helps in Piles & Fissure, speeding up recovery after surgery.

PF Care Kit Includes  –  PF Care Capsules and Cream along with Guide.

PF Care Kit is Useful in

  • Internal and External Piles
  • Bleeding Piles
  • Burning pain in & around anal region
  • First & second degree hemorrhoids
  • Infected, Complicated Piles & Fissure
  • Post op care in healing surgical wound

Dosage for Capsule

  • PF Capsules twice a day,  Morning and Evening After meal.

Direction to use the Cream 

  • Apply at least twice a day & after each act of defecation or as directed by Physician. 
  • Use the applicator provided. 
  • Wash hands before & after using the cream.


  • Store in Cool & Dry place away from direct sunlight.
  •  Do not refrigerate.
  •  Store in the original packaging.

Why PF Care Kit?

1. Relief from pain & constipation 

2. Relief from burning & itching

3. Improves digestion & dyspepsia

4. Arrest bleeding per rectum

5. Wound healing

6. Quick Recovery


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