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Hemorrhoids or Piles are a collection of tissues and veins that become inflamed/swollen. The size of hemorrhoids can vary. They are found either inside or outside the anus. Hemorrhoids occur because of chronic constipation, diarrhea, lifting heavy weights, pregnancy, or difficulty when passing a stool.

Some of the symptoms of piles are:

  • 1. A lump around or inside the anus
  • 2. Bleeding piles causes discomfort and unbearable pain
  • 3. Constipated feeling
  • 4. Feeling sore or itchy skin around the anus
  • 5. Feeling discomfort and pain during the bowel movement(in case of external piles)

How to control piles bleeding?

Piles are usually the result of excessive straining during a bowel movement.

Hence, a doctor may recommend the following for the best home remedy for bleeding piles to relieve the pain and other symptoms during bowel movements and prevent piles.

Cold compress

Ice packs are one of the best medicine for bleeding piles. Apply a pack of ice or cold compresses to the bottom(anus). This helps to relieve swelling. Although one should make sure to do it 15 minutes at a time. This can be one of the most effective home remedies for piles bleeding. Wrap ice inside a cloth or paper towel always, and never apply something frozen directly to the skin. This could be the best remedy for bleeding piles.

Increase fiber intake

Slowly and gradually increase the intake of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and other varied sources of dietary fiber. One can try a balanced single meal including fiber per day until they reach their daily goal of fiber intake i.e. 20–35 grams. This goes a long way in helping regulate bowel movements. Patients can also take a fiber supplement once or twice daily to meet their daily fiber intake requirement. One should always check with their physician and ensure that a fiber supplement will not interfere with other medications.

Increase water intake

The first and cheapest remedy that doctors recommend to every patient is an increase in the daily intake of water. A simple solution as increasing daily water intake is the most non-invasive treatment that is both cheap and easy to accomplish.

Hemorrhoid specialists recommend at least 8-10 glasses of daily water intake. Water has been advised to be one of the best medicines for bleeding piles because it helps soften the stools. The intestines draw water into the stools, making them easier to pass. The water also helps by softening the stools which render the need for straining altogether. As a result, this helps in solving the feeling of constipation and reducing the risks of further aggravation in the area. Thus increasing water intake has many positive effects on the body. Mainly it helps to flush out contaminants from the system. It will also help in getting the bowels moving.

Although beware, drink only purified water only for daily water intake. This will help to avoid harmful chemicals which may increase the chances of hemorrhoid problems in the body.

Sitz bath

A sitz bath, also known as a hip bath is a bath in which a person sits in water up to their hips. It helps to relieve discomfort and extreme pain in the lower region of one’s body, for example, due to hemorrhoids.

A sitz bath can prove to be a great help in reducing swelling, inflammation, and pain which are usually associated with external hemorrhoids. This also helps relax your sphincter muscle, which results in a reduction of painful spasms which are common with hemorrhoids. Patients can make a sitz bath by just filling their bathtub with some warm water and let their buttocks soak in it for roughly 20 to 30 minutes. Try this daily two to three times, to feel the relief. You can also add a cup of Epsom salt to your bath, it’s completely optional. Epsom salt helps improve circulation and provides relief in itching related to your hemorrhoids.

Applying Piles Cream

Applying cream and ointments temporarily relieves swelling, burning, pain, and itching caused by hemorrhoids and Piles. Using an Ayurvedic ointment can really help you to relieve pain and aid you to recover quickly. Dr. Kamthe’s Piles Clinic offers a PF care cream that is 100% ayurvedic. This ointment has no side effects on your body and due to its natural production, it helps to solve the root problem pacing to aid your recovery.

With our PF Care Kit, you can completely recover from Piles and Fissures and have a healthier & better lifestyle. The combined effect of herbal ingredients present in PF Care Capsules & PF Care Cream helps in Piles & Fissure, speeding up recovery after surgery.

Know more about Piles treatment products, click on the link below for complete information on the PF Care Kit:

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