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Since the Coronavirus was considered a pandemic, many countries are struggling to keep up with the treatment and recovery of people. Although India has been hit hard from the second wave of infectivity, the recovery rate of COVID-19 is considerably high in the country. As per the current data, India has a recovery rate of up to 95% where people can treat themselves by staying at home quarantined.

How to Recover from COVID 19?

Many people are now concerned with how to recover from covid 19 and what is the recovery time for the coronavirus disease. With a boosted immunity and a healthy diet, you can defend your body from any foreign infection and any post corona effects. Maintaining a healthy diet helps prevent and recover from the coronavirus. If you’re infected from the coronavirus and have minor symptoms like fever, weakness, headache, and muscle spasm, keep yourself in quarantine for the safety of your family members and from limiting the spread of the virus. People often get scared and panic in these situations. But if the symptoms are severe and you are having trouble breathing, immediately get yourself checked in a medical center.

What is the Recovery Time for the Coronavirus Disease?

The COVID symptoms often include mild fever, body pain, and muscle spasm. The covid 19 recovery time depends on the individual immunity. If you have strong immunity and a healthy lifestyle, the covid 19 recovery time is comparatively low you too can recover from this very quickly. For minor cases, it takes 10-14 days to recover from the illness, just like any common cold or flu. But in the case of severe infectivity, it might take as long as several weeks or in some cases, months to recover.

Importance of Post COVID Care!

Even after recovering from the coronavirus, you can get infected again if essential safety precautions are not taken care of. The first thing is to have a healthy and nutrient-rich diet. The body has to go through a lot of weakness during the illness. Post COVID-19, many people find it difficult to breathe properly thus breathing exercises become vital for the road to recovery.

Here, we have prepared a list of things you should consider doing while recovering from the Coronavirus. These will help you to gain back your strength, speed up the covid 19 recovery time, and live a healthy life again.

  • 1. Get a lot of Rest!
    The post corona effects of the Coronavirus include weakness, loss of taste and smell, and tiredness. This happens because the lungs can’t transport essential oxygen to these organs and muscles. Thus getting a lot of rest can help you recover faster and retain your use of oxygen for the muscles.
  • 2. Increase your Fluid Intake
    While the COVID recovery time, consuming fluids helps your body gain back those essential nutrients lost by the body to recover. In the illness, your body constantly fights the foreign virus and in the process emits a lot of heat which is why we get a fever. Our body loses a lot of fluids in the process. Things like water, juices, and fresh fruits help the body to cool down and recover faster through those nutrients.
  • 3. Follow a Nutrient-Rich Diet
    Following a nutrient-rich diet helps boost our immunity and become healthy to recover from the virus attack. Our body can’t produce enough nutrients like Vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, etc., thus we depend on external food intakes to get these nutrients. They can help you gain energy to fight off the virus and boost your immunity to keep you fit and healthy from any diseases. The covid recovery symptoms will be visible if you consume a nutritious diet.
  • 4. Constantly check on your vitals
    In the recovery phase or after recovering, keeping a track of your vitals is very crucial in assessing covid recovery symptoms. The disease can be tricky to understand thus keeping a track of your oxygen levels, blood sugar levels, and body temperature.
  • 5. Regular Exercises
    Gaining our strength is one of many covid recovery symptoms.To gain back your strength and your health, daily exercise is very important. Especially for those who have recovered or are recovering from severe symptoms. Exercises like breathing practices, walking, stretching and yoga can be really helpful.

The COVID-19 recovery time can be very difficult for people, but with constant efforts, things can be back to normal and you can recover completely in no time.

Another way to get your strength up after COVID is by having a spoon of Parasmani Prash, a premium ayurvedic tonic enriched with essential nutrients like Saffron, Goldbhasma, Silverbhasma, and Gooseberries. This will help you gain back your strength and boost your immune system to fight off any foreign viruses and diseases, keeping you healthy and fit!

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