Parasmani Prash

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  •  A Premium Ayurvedic tonic enriched with pure Gold bhasma (Surva Bhasma), Silver Bhasma (Rajat Bhasma), Real Saffron (Kesar).
  • Primarily contains Amala, the richest source of natural vitamin C.
  • Increases resistance to diseases. 
  • Activates Immune System.
  • 20 Ayurvedic Herbs in a Unique Combination.
  • Curated by ancient powder. 


  •  Adult :1 tablespoon (15-20 Gms) twice daily Preferably.
  •  Child (3-12 Years old) Half teaspoon (Approx 6 gms) twice a day.

Best when consumed with MILK.


  • Ayurvedic preparation completely safe 
  • Store in a cool and dry place 
  • Store away from direct sunlight 
  • Keep Lid tightly closed


1. Improve Immunity for Bacterial and Viral Infection

2. Fasten up healing process and improve Lung capacity

3. Antioxidant, Anti-Aging and Rejuvenator

4. Augments body resistance

5. Enhance Nutritional status

6. Strengthens Immunity

7. Improves digestion

8. Ensure healthy organ functioning

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  1. Chetan Pawar

    Very effective. Must give it a try

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