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Piles are a very common ailment that affects men and women of different ages. It is usually caused by straining during bowel movements, obesity, and pregnancy. Discomfort during bowel movements or when sitting especially are some of the common symptoms of piles. Other symptoms include itching and bleeding. There are many different ways to treat the discomforting symptoms and hence a lot of confusion in the battle of ayurveda vs allopathy as to which method is worth trying.


Allopathic medicine, or allopathy, is an archaic term used to define science-based, modern medicine. Allopathy is derived from the Greek word állos (other or different) and pathos, which means “other than the disease. It is also known as western treatment as it relies on treating patients with drugs and surgeries.

Ayurveda is derived from the Sanskrit word Ayur (life) and Veda (science or knowledge). It believes in treating patients holistically and naturally instead of purely medicinally. It is not only practiced in India but has seeped through some medicinal practices in the West.

In both these practices, the concept of treatment or curing illnesses differs from each other. So, let us understand the difference between Ayurveda and Allopathy.

Ayurveda vs Allopathy


In allopathic treatment, the doctors focus on the disease’s symptoms but not on the root cause. In simple words to explain the difference between ayurveda and allopathy, Allopathy offers half a cure whereas Ayurveda follows the “Five Great Elements” theory.

As per this methodology, elements like Prithvi, Jal, Agni, Vayu, and should be in harmony with the ‘fault,’ i.e. ’tissue’ and the ‘impurity.’ Moreover, Ayurveda focuses on the balance between the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) and also on holistic wellness.

Ayurveda is cheaper than allopathy as it can accurately identify the problem in comparison to allopathic medicine. In allopathic treatment, the doctor will order a wide variety of tests to be conducted and if he is unable to find the cause from those tests then he will order more. This can quickly add up costs before you understand what’s going on.

However, Ayurveda takes a completely different approach and looks at your doshas to check for any imbalances. When one’s body is out of balance, ailments are prevalent. Depending on the imbalance, the doctor decides whether the health issues are minor or major. Ayurveda diagnosis is accurate and is cheaper when compared to allopathic medicine.

Why Ayurveda is better than Allopathy?

Ayurveda is a completely natural practice. There are various side effects of Allopathy. Where on the other hand Ayurvedic medicines are made from pure ingredients that cause no harm. It is entirely natural made from the extract of certain fruits, vegetables, and spices.

Ayurveda also cures the disease permanently and removes all the bacterias from the body. It supports a better lifestyle through which you can improve your overall health.

Allopathy for piles may cure one of the symptoms caused by piles but doesn’t do much for the root problem. The medicines that were used a decade ago in allopathy aren’t as useful and effective today because of how the bacterial strains have evolved to resist the drug made to kill them. However Ayurveda is a nature-based treatment, it is more successful as it utilizes herbs that can remedy the root issue. Using Ayurvedic treatment, you don’t have to worry about resistance or piles coming back in the future.

Since allopathic drugs are often used for their ‘quick fix’ nature one may build up a possible drug resistance, due to overuse of these medicines and this cannot be ignored when talking about Ayurveda vs allopathy and why Ayurvedic medicine treatment for piles is better than allopathy. Hence, to answer the question of “which is best allopathy or ayurveda?” It is hands down- Ayurveda.

Speaking of Ayurvedic medicine treatment for piles, the PF Care Kit from Dr. Piles Clinic has some staggering results for recovering patients. The PF Care Capsule & Cream is 100% Ayurvedic medicine and is developed & formulated after 12 years of profound research and development. The combined effect of herbal ingredients present in PF Care Capsules & PF Care Cream helps in Piles & Fissure and will assist in recovering quickly.

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