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Piles or Hemorrhoids are a common problem affecting many people around the world. The major cause of Piles is exerting excessive pressure on the abdominal or lower part of the body. This can cause your blood vessels and rectal glands to swell up.

Piles can cause tremendous pain and even lead to bleeding if not treated properly. It becomes greatly uncomfortable for the patients to perform daily activities like walking, sitting, laughing, etc.

There are many treatment methods for Piles. You can get surgery to get rid of them, or you can opt for some Ayurvedic techniques as well. With the advancement in technology, doctors offer non-surgical laser treatment for Piles.

Laser Operations for Piles are one of the most effective ways to eradicate Piles without inflicting intense pain on the patient.

Let’s start with the advantages of Laser operations for Piles:

Less Painful & Safe

When we talk about surgery, the first thought that crosses our minds is the pain it inflicts on the body. Laser Hemorrhoid surgery is one of the least painful surgical techniques to treat piles. Pain is one of the key factors when it comes to Piles treatment, as people are afraid of getting appropriate treatment. There is no burn, smoke, or spark caused for the laser surgery. Thus, it is considered one of the safest techniques for Piles treatment.

Quick Treatment

Laser surgery for Piles is one of the quickest treatments available. The whole surgery can be performed within an hour. It holds a lot of flexibility compared to the other methods of treatment. For other surgeries, it could take weeks for the patient to completely heal but with laser treatment, quick results can be achieved.

Instantly performed

The whole surgery requires significantly less time compared to other treatment techniques. The whole surgery can be performed in under an hour. Thus, this makes laser treatment for piles one of the most efficient techniques.

Fast recovery period

Nobody likes to spend time at the hospital let alone stay there to recover. The pile’s laser treatment recovery time is significantly lower compared to others. You can complete the whole process in an hour and get a discharge quickly following the surgery. Thus, you can even save a lot by avoiding staying in a hospital to recover.

Lower chance of damaging tissues

Laser operations for Piles are a very precise way of treatment. The laser beam can remove the affected tissue without leaving a trace of blood or damage the blood vessels.

Precise Treatment

The benefit of using a laser is that you can precisely focus on the bad and affected parts of the body without hampering the good bits surrounding it. Also, the cuts are clean and precise as well. Thus, this makes laser operations for piles a definite treatment technique.

Every treatment technique has its pros and cons. Laser operations for Piles have some cons to it as well. Here are a few disadvantages of Laser treatment mentioned below:


Lasers are a work of art for sure, but to use them is no cheap deal. The laser uses light energy to work its way around that requires a lot of power to operate. Even the equipment used is not cheap, thus making this surgery an expensive expenditure.

May cause fire

In some cases, the equipment may catch fire as well. Even though this happens rarely, there is a chance things could go south. The main reason for this is equipment malfunction, or if the machine is poorly maintained.

It requires an experienced doctor to handle Lasers with precision. Even though the treatment is effective, you should always look for an experienced doctor to perform the operation.

Dr. Kunal Kamthe is one of the most reputed Piles doctors in Pune. Dr. Piles Clinic offers accurate and precise diagnoses to their patients and is one of the top Piles clinics. They have the most advanced piece of equipment at their disposal for treating their patients.

Get your piles removed with Dr. Piles Clinic.
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