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There has been a long discussion about the treatment of Anal Fistula for a long time now. Many modern surgery techniques have been suggested for Anal Fistula, but nothing has worked efficiently.

Before discussing further, let’s talk about Anal Fistula.

What is Anal Fistula?

Anal Fistula is a tiny tube-like structure that forms in the rectal gland used for bowel movement. It connects an opening of the skin surrounding the anus to the infected cavity inside the anus.

Causes of Anal Fistula

Inside the anus, there are several glands present that create mucus. When these glands get choked, they can lead to the formation of an infective environment inside your anus. This leads to the formation of abscesses which can further develop into the fistula.

The abscess is a pocket of liquid and tissues inside our anus. When the pores inside our anal rectum are blocked for any reason, the inside of our anus gets filled with this mucus-like liquid. This can cause some serious infections in the anal tract.

If not treated, this abscess punches a hole near our anus to release this collected mucus and liquid. The tube that connects the outside opening and the blocked gland is known as Fistula.

Symptoms of Anal Fistula

The symptoms of the Anal Fistula are significant and can be observed easily. Some of the symptoms are:

  • 1. Itching and irritation around the anus.
  • 2. Redness in the skin around the anus.
  • 3. Throbbing pain occurs while performing any casual activity like walking, sitting, moving, etc.
  • 4. Swelling around the anal region.
  • 5. The outflow of blood and mucus is caused due to abscess formation.
  • 6. If there is a cavity formed, a foul-smelling liquid will ooze out of it.

Anal Fistula Treatment without Surgery

Modern surgery techniques have not been so successful in treating Anal Fistula efficiently. Thus, fistula treatment in Ayurveda has been the most preferred treatment technique for Anal Fistula for a long time.

Ayurvedic medicines have been treating Anal Fistula patients for the last 2000 years. It is still a viable technique in the modern.

Many top hospitals believe that Kshara Sutra is one of the best Fistula treatments in India. Anal Fistula has always been a challenge for modern surgery methods. Even cutting-edge technology like robotic surgery has no satisfactory results to offer.

One of the recent methods used for the treatment was the Video Assisted Anal Fistula Treatment (VAFT). This technique was far from being called effective as once surgery is done, the fistula can reoccur back soon.

What is the Kshara Sutra?

Kshara Sutra treatment is one of the best Fistula treatments in Ayurveda. This treatment can be used for a number of anorectal disorders. It is one of the safest, cost-effective, and efficient ways of treating Anal Fistula.

The best treatment for fistula is one of the most ancient ways of treating Anal Fistula. The treatment technique was re-established by the Dept. of Shalya Tantra, Banaras Hindu University but initially was described in the Ayurveda medicines by Sushruta, Charak, and Vagbhata.

The whole procedure requires the patient to be anesthetized. Then a probe is used to pass through the opening of the anal canal. The whole probe is used to round up around the tubes of your anal canal to create a loop. This process is repeated at an interval of a week till the Kshara Sutra manages to cut through the tract.

After some time, the Anal fistula is removed through the canal and the whole fistulous tract heals eventually.


Thus, to get permanent relief from Anal Fistula, the Ayurvedic method of Kshara Sutra is far more effective and helpful than getting any modern surgery.

The Kshara Sutra method is cost-effective, safe, and has a higher success rate of treating Anal Fistula.

If you’re looking for the best clinics that offer Kshara Sutra Treatment, click on the link below:

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