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Fungi are single-cell or sometimes multicellular complex organisms. They are often found on land, in soil mainly. Fungi are neither plants nor animals. They were once considered as plants but now as their kingdom.

Fungi are known to reproduce by releasing spores. These spores can be picked up by direct contact or even inhaled. In humans, fungal infections occur when the fungus invades and takes over an area of the body and is too much for the immune system to handle. Some fungi live naturally in the human body although these are healthy fungi.

How is a Fungal Infection caused?

There are many ways through which you can catch a fungal infection.

Here we have listed to name a few:

  • Fungal spores are present in the air that we breathe or in the soil. Hence, fungal infections usually either begin in the lungs or on the skin.
  • Fungal infections often develop in hot and humid climates.
  • Either sweating too much or wearing damp clothes can also result in the development of the infection.
  • Wearing dirty clothes, for example- filthy socks, innerwear can lead to fungal infections.
  • Our immunity is compromised under high-stress levels, which renders our body more susceptible to such infections.
  • Fungal infections are rarely critical unless the immune system is weakened, usually by drugs or medical disorders.


Fungal infections usually progress slowly but here are some symptoms for you to note:

  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Swelling
  • Blisters
  • Scaly skin
  • Irritation

How to control Fungal infection?

Fungal infections can be fatal if not controlled in the initial stages. It is important to build immunity to fungal infection to keep yourself safe.

Here are some pointers to help you keep away from any fungal infection:

Wash with Soap and Water

Hygiene is a major factor when it comes to fungal infections. Using soap to wash your hands can help to stop the infection from spreading all over. It is recommended to always wash your hands 2-3 times a day.

Use coconut and tea tree oil

Coconut is an all rounder fruit that can literally do anything from providing water, electrolytes, food, and even keep away fungus. It is used as a potent antifungal agent and is recommended by many. 2-3 times a day will keep any fungal infection away. You can mix it with Tea tree oil for added benefits. Tea tree oil is an antifungal and antibacterial portion which serves quick results. Once the mixture is prepared, it should be applied instantly over the infected area. Tea tree oil often stimulates new cell growth and hence, holds promise. Make sure that you vigilantly apply the mixture only on affected skin. If carelessly applied it can cause the fungus to spread. Ensure to mix tea tree oil, with some carrier oil, or else it alone will prove to be too strong to cure the fungal region.

Apply Aloe vera

This ingredient can aid to inhibit the growth of yeast spores as it contains compounds capable of combating the fungal infection.The goodness of aloe can cause short-term from the itching. It does away with itchiness and swelling in just 15 minutes of application.

How to increase immunity against fungal infection?

Certain diet restrictions provide immunity to fungal infections. The best diet for fungal infection should include most of the immunity building nutrients in it to help you build up your health. Here is a list of foods that fight fungal infection with their nutrient values that you can follow:

Consume probiotics

You can add probiotics to your everyday diet to get those healthy fungi that ward off fungal infections. Yogurt and fermented foods are good examples of a diet for fungal infection. Probiotics also keep your gut healthy. If these do not work, then you can have always option for a probiotics supplement to get those healthy bacteria.

Consuming food rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid enhances our immune system and protects our body from the outside. Foods that have to be rich in Vitamin C like lemon, orange. They help your immune system fight off the fungal infection too. Remember having a strong immune system is the key.

Consume ginger

Adding ginger in your tea provides you with its benefits. Ginger includes gingerol which provides potent antifungal properties. You can drink ginger tea or add it in your food to prevent fungal infections like candida.

Apply turmeric

Turmeric, or Haldi, is the most famous spice in our house. It is not only flavourful in the kitchen but also known to have plenty of healing properties. It is an effective antifungal that inhibits growth. If you are looking to include an anti-fungal remedy in your diet, drink turmeric water or turmeric milk daily. You can also make a turmeric paste by combining haldi with little water. Apply this on the affected area and then 10 minutes later wash it off.

Another way of improving immunity is with Parasmani Prash. Dr Kamthe’s Piles Clinic has developed a 100% natural ayurvedic tonic, enriched with pure Gold bhasma (Suvarna Bhasma), Silver Bhasma (Rajat Bhasma), and real Saffron (Keshar). It primarily contains Amala, the richest source of natural Vitamin C that can help your body to strengthen immunity and increase resistance to diseases.

Protect yourself and your family with Fungal Infections.

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