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Piles are the common term for Hemorrhoids and are usually caused by straining during bowel movements, constipation, obesity or pregnancy. There are many blood vessels in and around our anus. When these blood vessels are enlarged due to any reason, they become the reason for haemorrhoids formation.

The common symptom of hemorrhoids is discomfort during bowel movements, itching, and in some cases bleeding from the anal region.

There are many noticeable symptoms that can help the doctor to determine haemorrhoids. Some of the symptoms are:

  • 1. A lump is formed around the anus that can cause extreme discomfort.
  • 2. Even after passing a stool, you may feel that your bowels are still full.
  • 3. The damaged blood vessels may cause bleeding during bowel movements.
  • 4. The area around and inside your anus can be itchy, sore, and red.
  • 5. You can feel extreme pain and discomfort while passing stool.

Being such a discomforting problem, the solution for treating Piles is rather easy. Laser Treatment for Haemorrhoids is rather a painless way to get rid of this problem.

What is Laser Surgery for Piles?

LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) is used in the surgical process for treating Piles by many doctors today. It is a safe way to cut or burn the affected area without scarring your skin. Laser surgery for piles is an advanced way of surgery that is scar-free, bloodless, and less painful for the patient.

Laser Treatment Procedure

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear surgery?

For most of us, surgery means cuts & stitches, extreme pain, and discomfort. But in the case of Laser surgery, it is just a ray of light and without any incisions and suturing.

The doctors carefully pass a laser energy beam through your anal opening straight at your haemerrhoid mass. This controlled ray of laser energy directly reaches the affected area, helping the doctor to shrink your haemorrhoidal mass. The laser cuts off those damaged tissues in your anal region without you feeling any pain. The laser energy also seals off any damaged blood vessels in the area precisely to avoid any blood loss.

Thus, laser treatments are quick, painless, and quite effective in helping you to feel comfortable again.

Is Laser Surgery good for Piles?

There are numerous benefits when it comes to laser surgery compared to your normal surgery. Laser treatments are a precise, painless, and quick way to treat haemorrhoids.

Here, we have listed a few benefits that can assure you about the safety of Laser surgery.

Day care Procedure

The whole surgery process can be performed within a day. Thus, the patient can be discharged within a few hours of surgery.

Fast Recovery

Since there are no stitches and cuts involved in the surgery, the recovery rate is rapid as the laser instantly removes the affected tissue and seals off the blood vessels.

Minimally Invasive

The laser energy can be directed specifically to the affected area without affecting surrounding tissues.

Minimum Blood Loss

Since there are no cuts and stitches involved in the process, there is no bloodshed in the surgery. The laser burns the affected area and seals off the blood vessels minimizing any blood loss.


This is a completely pain-free way of treating haemerrhoids.

Higher Success Rate

Since the laser energy can be precisely directed towards the affected tissue and leave the surrounding tissues unharmed, the success rate of this surgery has gone up significantly. The margin of error has been reduced a lot due to this cutting-edge technology.

Minimum Post-operative discomfort

Since the laser energy cleanly removes your affected tissue without any hassle, you experience complete comfort after the surgery.

Minimal recurrence

When treated with laser energy, the fibrotic reconstruction makes new connective tissue, which assures that the mucosa adheres to the underlying tissue. Thus, this limits the recurrence of a prolapse.

Laser treatment has shown great signs of success rates thus, it is the choice for most doctors when it comes to treating haemerrhoids.

One of the top names in the industry is Dr. Kamthe’s Piles Clinic.
Dr. Kamthe’s first priority is his patients. Here, we will make you feel relaxed and help you solve your Piles problem with at most comfort.

Our well-facilitated and advanced operation theaters can help you deal with various disease conditions all under one roof. When it comes to Laser Treatment, we have cutting-edge technology at our disposal, with an advanced device in the form of a laser 980 nm.


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