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Cashless Facility Available, Mediclaim Reimbursement Available, Video Rectoscopy Available, Laser Treatment Available . Branches - Pune , Mumbai.

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Mangal Medical & Research Foundation

The Mangal Research Foundation is established to honor physicians who have made extraordinary contributions to the field of proctology via their unwavering efforts. Our goal is to create a community that appreciates and supports healthcare excellence. The dedication of the foundation to supporting proctology’s ongoing progress and excellence in healthcare was emphasized.

Health for all is the mission of every country, but not everyone is able to access all health facilities. Our country is also grappling with the same problem. You and your company have rendered great service to humanity, and as a result, many patients and people have benefited.

With the aim of health for all, we initiated an N.G.O in 2007 named Mangal Medical & Research Foundation. We have been in the health sector since 2007, organizing various medical camps and health awareness programs in Pune rural and slum areas.

List Of Activities

1.Sushrut Awards
2.Health Camp
3.7th International Yoga 4.Festival (Mass Yoga World Record 2019
5.Piles Awareness Campaigns
6.Free Ayurvedic “Kadha” distribution
7.National Conference Kolhapur 2013
8.Medical Plant Exhibition 2012
9.Malin Project
10.National Conference,Pune 2012
11.Save Mother Earth,Pune 2010
12.Medical Camps and 13.Health Awareness Camp
14.Aaji baicha Batva
15.Amboli Village – Plantation
16.Carrier Guidelines
17.Punya Jagar
18.Rakshsi Gutkha Holi
19.Medicinal Plantation
20.Awareness Programme for World Ayurveda 21.Congress (WAC)2014 & NASYA.
22.Get-Together For Ex-student From Camp Education Society.

Sushrut Awards 2024

Sushrut Awards 2021

Sushrut Awards 2020

Previous Awards

Sushrut Awards 2020, Pune, organised by Dr. Piles Clinic.

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